Finally... a place to learn how to slow down, simplify, and create life-giving practices.

There are two types of people...



Each day they...

Don't spend time on rest.

Run through life as fast as possible.

Don't take time to experience God's presence.

Don't have healthy rhythms for their technology.

Allow the allure of more stuff to overwhelm them.

Fill their time with way too many commitments.

Don't take the time to get good sleep each night.

Only prioritize their health while they try the latest super diet.



Each day they...

Consistently invest in resting in all areas of their life.

Enjoy God's presence consistently each day.

Use their screens in a healthy way to love God & others more.

Value freedom to live and serve above their stuff.

Make commitments prayerfully and thoughtfully.

Prioritize getting good sleep so they have the energy to live & serve each day.

Build healthy living into their everyday life so it feels more effortless.

What's the difference between them?

What does the renewed person do that makes their life so different?

They consistently cultivate the Life-Giving

They choose to rest in Jesus. In His finished work, in His daily presence, and in the wholeness of how He created us.


They have tapped into these God-given rhythms to go from... drained, burdened, unhealthy, and frazzled... to renewed, re-energized, and filled.


They invest their time in these life-giving things that feed their soul.


They aren't blessed with extra time, more money, or the perfect spouse. They have simply purposed to take steps toward these life-giving things each and every day. And with that focus the momentum builds toward a renewed life.

But How Do We Do That?

Choosing to opt out of the always moving never enough culture and choose life-giving practices takes focus, work, and courage each day.

It takes a road map that anyone can follow...

It chooses progress over perfection...

It takes a continuous desire to bring it all under the Lordship of Jesus...

And it takes a community walking the same road together...

That's Why I Created the
Life-Giving Practices Membership...

Life-Giving Practices Membership helps you tap into these God-given rhythms that take you from drained, burdened, unhealthy, and frazzled to renewed, re-energized, and filled.

With the right information + the right action plan + a grace-filled community you can begin making lasting progress like never before.

We'll Help You Grow In These Areas

We're all made up of different parts that come together into one whole. We'll help you grow in these key area to impact your life each day.

Spiritual Practices

Grow in the simple practices that allow us to rest in God's finished work through Jesus and His presence each day. Practices such as:

  • Meditating on God's Word
  • Practices of prayer
  • Journaling and self-reflection
  • Sabbath rhythms
  • And more...

Simple Living Practices

How do we actually slow down our crazy busy lives? Through simple living practices such as:

  • Decluttering possessions
  • Simplifying finances
  • Reordering schedules
  • Growing the art of saying no
  • Using our screens with purpose
  • And much more...

Wellness Practices

Maintain our overall health without becoming gym junkies! We'll work together on simple health practices that allow us to eat better, sleep better, move (without the need for a gym), and play well.

Relationship Practices

Creating rhythms and habits in our lives to bring deeper connection with our friend's and family, marriage relationship, and those we're called to serve.

Self-Care Practices

We'll cover simple practices that allow us to take care of ourselves in simple & inexpensive ways that allow us to keep our batteries charged so we can approach life with more energy and vitality.

Here's what's inside the membership...

Here's all the pieces currently included in the Life-Giving Practices community to help you grow. And, we've got big plans for even more!


Video Mini-Courses. We go in-depth on important topics to help you gain the knowledge to make the right changes. Future topics will include setting up a morning/evening routine, spiritual disciplines, getting great sleep, and much more. 

Here's a view of what's inside the membership right now:


Quick Wins. Practical and short quick win videos to help you take steps right now toward slowing down and simplifying. This is the best way to get started right away. Put into practice one of the quick wins and get the momentum of change going right away!

Here's a view of what's inside the membership right now:


Challenges. The month after a new course is released we journey together on a 30 day challenge to begin developing a related simple habit from the course. We're all about transformation instead of just information so this is a great way to put this all into practice.

Here's a view of what's inside the membership right now:


Monthly Question & Response. We'll discuss questions from the course, workshops, or anything each month in a live video call where I'll take your questions and give you a response and we can all chat and help each other to grow in a grace-filled way.

Here's a view of what's inside the membership right now:


Workshops and Extended Interviews. Coming Soon! In 30-45 minute sessions we'll cover different topics to help you go deeper in different practices in your life. We will be adding these in the coming months.

Matt Heffner  //  Creator of Our Daily Rest & Life-Giving Practices

About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a life altering disease that left me struggling in all areas of my life. I struggled with my health, my relationships, and ultimately my spiritual walk with God. It was a difficult season of life.

The disease forced me to slow down, get rest, focus on the important things in life, and develop rhythms and practices of wellness and renewal in my life.

And that’s why I’m here. I've created Our Daily Rest and now the Life-Giving Practices membership to help you discover a deeper rest in God’s presence and cultivate simple practices that improve your life in lasting ways.

Matt Heffner

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Matt Heffner

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